Civil Marriage Ceremony

A Civil Marriage Ceremony at the Bhawan requires the bride and the groom to register their intention to marry at their local Registry Office and obtain permission so that the ceremony can be conducted at the Bhawan.

Charges – The Bhawan charges a fee of £40 to conduct a Civil Marriage Ceremony.

If you have any special needs and/or requirements please let us know in advance so that we can plan ahead to accommodate you and your part.

Anand Karaj  (Religious Marriage Ceremony)

The Bhawan will not conduct an Anand Karaj if the Civil Marriage has not taken place. The couple needs to provide proof of their Civil Marriage before an Anand Karaj can be conducted – unless both ceremonies are taking place at the Bhawan.

The Anand Karaj usually takes place in the morning and will normally be conducted in the main Durbar Sahib Hall from Monday – Saturday.  However, on Sundays an Anand Karaj will be conducted in Hall Number Two.

Charges – The Bhawan charges a fee of £351 to conduct an Anand Karaj.

If you have any particular needs and/or requests please let us know in advance so that we can plan ahead to accommodate you and your guests.

Introduction Service

The Bhawan provides assistance to our members and their families to find partners from within our community. The Bhawan runs an introduction service for potential partners. The matrimonial office is open every Sunday between 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm all information is treated in confidence.

This service is only for the permanent residence of the UK


Future Aspirations

The Bhawan hopes to expand its dining facilities (this includes the kitchen and the Langar Hall) to cater for Sangat who wishes to arrange lunch following an Anand Karaj at the Bhawan. This service will only be available to a couple who arrange Anand Karaj at the Bhawan.

The Sangat will be allowed to invite external caterers if they so wish, in which case they will be charged for the hire of the hall and facilities.