Church Lane School Building

In 2008, the Shri Guru Ravidass Cultural Association, Handsworth purchased the former Handsworth Wood Girls’ School Building and associated grounds. Since the purchase it has lay dormant and fallen into disrepair.

The site is accessed from Church Lane, Handsworth and sits amongst residential properties. The building has three floors and is of typical mid-20th century school layout, sitting within grounds.

When the site was first acquired it was in a good state of repair. This is the account of Bhawan members that visited the site at the time of purchase (Sub-Committee Report).

External Condition

  • The grounds surrounding the building are over grown.
  • Debris is strewn around the grounds.
  • Fallen Tree

Internal Condition

  • Most metallic materials have been removed from the building in a manner that has caused widescale damage.
  •  Floors have been lifted in places.
  • Some internal wall demolition has been undertaken.
  •  Many windows have been vandalised.
  • Substantial evidence of trespass (vandalism and empty alcohol bottles).
  • Steps in the stairwells have been damaged.
  • Top floor has been exposed to the elements through broken and missing windows.
  • Substantial evidence of birds (dead birds and bird droppings).

The following photographs best illustrates the current state of disrepair of the Building