Sport activities with the aim of encouraging  local young people to participate in sport as well to make new friends and stay healthy. Teams spirit that such activities install in individuals helps form the basis of strong bonds between young people and the wider community.

The Sports Facilities

The Bhawan has an agreement with a local school (less than 100 yards from the Bhawan) for access to their sport facilities (e.g. sports grounds) this is free for the children of members.

Children participate in a multitude of sporting activities, such as: basketball, dodgeball, benchball, football, cricket amongst other sports. Sessions are designed for children between the ages of 7 – 16 year.

All children are taught the fundamentals of balance, co-ordination and agility through various fun game activities. Over 11s are taught the values of competitive sport and are coached in developing the in skills further.

Currently we have one member who is undertaking her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award with us. She has now gained skills to lead sessions for younger age groups and is developing her experience, she is an invaluable volunteer.

If you are interested in getting involved please do contact Gian Ram, Sport Secretary or member of the Management Team.

Guru Ravidass Football Club

The Bhawan has its own football club with teams, at various levels of development. Guru Ravidass Football Club was established in Birmingham over 40 years ago. It members have include the current President of the Bhawan and many other past and current members of the Management Team.

It has achived various successes in League and Cup Competitions over the years. We currently play in the Coronation and Alliance League, Division 1 on Sunday mornings, with a 10:30am kick off at the Aston University Rec grounds in Great Barr.

Our training sessions are held at Laurel Road sports and community centre on Thursdays 7pm-9pm. If you are interested in getting involved as a potential player or in any other aspect of the club and game then please do not hesitate to contact our sport secretary.

The club also participates in the annual Khalsa Football Federation (KFF) an Asian football tournament in the summer, in which over the last couple of years they have won a couple of tournaments and come runners up. This is a massive credit to all the players, management and the supporters of the club.


The football club has also started coaching for children aged between 10-16 years at Red House Park, Great Barr, every Sat Morning 9.30am-11am. The numbers for the Sat morning are increasing and with the support of parents and the general community hopefully we can make this a success and start up a children’s football team in the new football season.

We will strive to continue our success through hard work in 2019.


Sports Contacts

Krishan Lal (Sport Secretary Guru Ravidass Bhawan)

Tony (General Secretary of the Guru Ravidass Football Club) 01384-867818 (Also, Assistant Sports Secretary on the Management Committee of the Bhawan)

Gopi Mehmi (Manager) 07864-097334

Saca Kular (Coach) 07807-778212

Gian Ram (Sports Activities Supervisor) 07946482827

Sports sessions at the Handsworth Grammar School are supervised/lead by Gian Ram. He is employed in primary school education where he leads a wide range sport activities for children on a daily basis. He is an actual promoter of our Guru Ghar’s longstanding promotion of sports, having played football for our teams for over 20 years.