The Bhawan has been closed under instruction from the Government since the 20th of March, and will not reopen until it is safe for the congregations (Sangat) to visit. However, daily prayers are still said by a single young Priest (who has taken up a permanent residence in the Bhawan) and full Mann and Miranda of Shri Guru Granth Sahib takes place daily.

We will rely upon the Government to inform us when it is safe for places of worship to reopen, and only then will the Bhawan will be open to the Sangat. This closure of the Bhawan to the Sangat has dried up all funding for the running cost of the Bhawan as it relies upon donations from the congregation for all its activities, including the daily running costs (e.g. bills, mortgage payment for the school, maintenance etc ).

Also, since the closuer of the Bhawan the Management Team has taken up additional responsibilities of helping the front-line NHS nursing staff, by providing free meals at  the following hospitals: Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and Birmingham City Hospital. This is an honour and a privilege for our community.

Management is grateful to CLB Lawyers Limited of 208 Wolverhampton St, Dudley DY1 1ED for their generous donation of £1000.00 towards the food service currently run to provide meals for NHS staff and other members of community. This is greatly appreciated.

Currently we are in the process of setting up a Just Giveing page. This will allow the Sangat to make online donation to the Bhawan’s Bank account.


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